Many people see property valuations and surveys as an obligation rather than an opportunity for an effective, detailed check on the integrity of the building on which they intend to transact.

We offer our clients the opportunity to involve themselves in all stages of the survey process, from meeting you on site for a walk through survey to spending additional time to explain our findings.

As RICS chartered surveyors, you will benefit from our depth of expertise for the following property and residential surveying services:


Homebuyers reports

Its vital that you undertake professional checks before purchasing a property. With our RICS approved Homebuyers report service, you will benefit from a detailed set of condition ratings based on the traffic lights system.

Green ratings mean no repair is currently needed, amber indicates that certain defects have been identified and require non urgent remedial action, and red ratings pinpoint serious defects which must be investigated and resolved immediately. We will also provide you with advice and guidance on what to do next.

The homebuyers report can be a highly influential source of information in negotiating the final sale price of your home. It gives you peace of mind and helps ensure you get good value for your property purchase. 


Building surveys

Also known as a full structural survey, you can rely on us to provide you with a more in depth analysis of the structural integrity of the building, including aspects such as movement or settlement of the property, damp proofing, or even the impact of tree roots.

This type of survey is ideal during the purchase of older or traditional build properties, and gives you the option of additional checks on plumbing and heating systems and electrical wiring, as well as drain surveys.


Property valuations 

Our basic valuations will help you with buying or selling a property, ensuring you attain the correct market value. This is a minimum requirement for lenders and deals with any obvious faults which could affect the value.


Probate valuations

When a loved one passes away, the last thing you need to be anxious about is their probate administration.  We are sensitive to your needs and can take care of the valuation of the property within the estate for completion of probate application forms in accordance with HMRC guidelines.


Matrimonial valuations

In cases of divorce or separation, matrimonial homes or shared property often require independent valuation to finalise how assets are to be divided.  We provide an impartial matrimonial valuation service, with reports to ensure that valuations of individual property assets comply with the Court Procedure Rules. This often helps to expedite resolution and reduce legal expenses and court costs.


Valuations in respect of court proceedings

Valuations in disputes can play an essential role in the outcome of court cases.Our professional valuation reports include detailed assessments of property and buildings so that they can utilised in the application of Civil Procedural Rules or for accounting purposes.


Insurance and rebuilding calculations

jpa surveyors also specialises in the provision of insurance reinstatement cost assessments and valuations based on current construction prices.  Our highly accurate appraisals for residential and commercial property give you detailed guidance on projected rebuild costs.